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2021 Olive Oil Competition – Japan

Entry Deadline May 7, 2021
Entry Fee(s) Per Entry Fee - $260.00
Prize(s) The winners will be published by MAY 25th, 2021.

The prizes for the winning oils shall be awarded by the Chairman of OLIVE JAPAN.
The winners will be provided the electric data of the medal logo design, official certificate and paper certificate. In addition to this, the PREMIER medal winners will be provided the official TROPHY.
The winners may mention the prize on labels of the extra virgin olive oils from the same batch as the winning sample.

Winners who wish to put the medal logo on the labels and products brochures of the winning extra virgin olive oil, will be permitted to utilize the electric data of medal design, award certificate and OLIVE JAPAN logo which the Competition provides to winners, on their product label and its brochure. This rights are only permitted for the extra virgin olive oils (and flavored oils) from the same batch as the winning sample. If winners would put the medal design on their brochure, they must mention the Year of the medal provided. It is prohibited to re-circulate those electric data of the medal logo, award certificate and OLIVE JAPAN logo provided by the Competition to any third bodies without written consent of the Competition. In the case of winners’ abuse of prizes and medal design shall be subject to divest the awards already given.
Competition Date(s) May 17,2021 12:00am - May 19,2021 11:59pm
Location Tokyo, Japan
General Info Olive Japan is a comprehensive open-air event that will bring olive producers and their products together with users and consumers. The OLIVE JAPAN International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition is also held with Marche-Trade Show, Symposium and Seminar events.

ELIGIBILITY - The Competition only accepts the ONLINE registration made by entrants with Extra virgin olive oils produced in the crop year of 2020 (processed during May 2020 – April 2021). The products should be the commercial products which once sold in the actual market. The entrants can be made by individual producers, producers’ associations and authorized distributors.
Shipping The Olive Oil Sommelier Association of Japan
3-4-1, Kyobashi, Chuo-ku Tokyo 104-0031 JAPAN
tel 81 (3) 3271-0808

All the contest samples should be exact same as the commercial product in the market. All the bottles or tins should be properly labeled with the notes of brand name, product name and its contents quantity.
As per 1 entry, the contestant should send the following numbers of the bottles (or tins).
7 bottles (or tins) if 100ml – 150ml bottle (or tin) contents, or
5 bottles (or tins) if 200ml – 250ml bottle (or tin) contents, or
3 bottles (or tins) if 375ml – 500ml bottle (or tin) contents, or
2 bottles (or tins) if over 750ml bottle (or tin) contents.

Samples must be received on or before MAY 9, 2021.
How to Enter Online Entry
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