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2021 Athena International Olive Oil Competition

Entry Deadline Mar 19, 2021
Entry Fee(s) The entry fee per sample is €190 plus VAT (where applicable); however, based on the competition’s discount policy, the fee per sample can be reduced to €160 for participation of up to two samples, and more for a larger number of samples in the case of an “early bird” registration and payment (see below). Discount policy: Α) QUANTITY-BASED DISCOUNT POLICY A 15% discount is granted for the 3rd sample. From the 4th sample onwards, a 20% discount is granted per sample and the final sample is accepted free of charge (e.g. 5 samples: the 3rd has a 15% discount, the 4th a 20% discount and the 5th is free; 6 samples: the 3rd has a discount of 15%, 4th and 5th a 20% discount and 6th is for free, etc). Specifically, for entries submitted after January 31, 2021 (expiration date for early bird discount), the following apply: Participation with 1 sample: € 190.00 24% VAT = € 235,60 Participation with 2 samples: € 380.00 24% VAT = € 471,20 Participation with 3 samples: € 541.50 24% VAT = € 671,46 Participation with 4 samples: € 693.50 24% VAT = €859,94 Participation with 5 samples: € 693.50 24% VAT = €859,94 Participation with 6 samples: € 845.50 24% VAT = €1.048,42 Β) TIME-BASED DISCOUNT POLICY (“early bird”) For those who register within approximately one and a half months from the beginning of the registration period, an early bird discount policy applies. The early bird entry fee per sample for entry forms and payment received by 31/01/2021 is €160. This discount can be combined with the above-mentioned discounts, as follows: Specifically, for entries submitted by 31/01/2021: 1 Sample: €160.00 24% VAT = €198.40 2 Samples: €320.00 24% VAT = €396.80 3 Samples: €456.00 24% VAT = €565.44 4 Samples: €584.00 24% VAT = €724.16 5 Samples: €584.00 24% VAT = €724.16 6 Samples: €712.00 24% VAT = €882.88 VAT charge clarification Companies from outside the EU are not subject to VAT payment. EU companies registered with the European Commission on the VIES VAT number validation database also are not subject to VAT payment and are issued a different kind of invoice. However, individuals who submit samples as physical entities (and not as EU-registered companies) are subject to VAT payment and must add 24% VAT to any payment, as are all companies based in Greece.
Prize(s) Olive oil entries are assessed using a scoring system with a maximum score of 100. Awards are based on the following table:
65,0/100 to 74,9/100: Bronze medal
75,0/100 to 84,9/100: Silver medal
85,0/100 to 94,9/100: Gold medal
95,0/100 to 100/100: Double Gold or Grand Gold medal

To further reward specific efforts, the Athena International Olive Oil Competition presents the following special awards:
1) Best of show (highest score).
2) Best olive oil per country of origin (minimum of 5 entries required).
3) Best single varietal olive oil.
4) Best entry per varietal (minimum of 5 entries required).
5) Best blended (multi-varietal) olive oil.
6) Best olive oil from the Koroneiki varietal, worldwide.
7) Best Greek olive oil from the Koroneiki varietal.
8) Best organic extra virgin olive oil, worldwide.
9) Best Greek organic extra virgin olive oil.
10) Best Greek olive oil per region: Crete, the Peloponnese, Central Greece, Thessaly, Epirus, Macedonia, Thrace, Ionian Islands, the Aegean Islands.
11) Best flavored or infused olive oil.
Competition Date(s) Apr 8,2021 12:00am - Apr 10,2021 11:59pm
Phone 30 210 766 0560
Location Lesvos, Greece
General Info ATHIOOC is one of the fastest-growing international olive oil competitions in the world and the only one held in Greece. In the past five years it has gained the respect of world-class judges and producers from both hemispheres who trust it with their samples.

In 2021 its 6th edition will take place in Lesvos, one of the largest Aegean islands, with an extensive network of olive groves and an important production of high-quality EVOO that embodies the uniqueness of the island’s native cultivars and the value of its agricultural wealth.
Shipping Samples must be shipped “door to door” and the use of a freight forwarder or courier company is recommended. Participants are responsible for all shipping costs and any customs duties. The competition organizer cannot be held responsible for the condition of the samples or any breakage prior to their receipt. Moreover, the organizer bears no responsibility for late shipments or delays by the shipping/forwarding company. Once samples are received, the organizer guarantees their secure warehousing in a climate-controlled facility and their safe and proper transfer to the event venue.

Very important notice:

All sample packaging must be clearly labeled “SAMPLE WITH NO COMMERCIAL VALUE – NOT FOR SALE” and be accompanied by an invoice with a nominal value anywhere from €1 to €20 (US$22). Also, if mailing from outside the EU, it is very important to send your samples in packages that do not exceed 5-6kg, otherwise Greek customs impose duties.

All competition participants must submit a copy of the shipping manifest of their samples to the competition organizer.

Samples should be shipped to the following address:
41 Kareas Ave,
162 33 Vyronas, Athens, Greece
Telephone: ( 30) 210 766 0560
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