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2020 WFC “Taste of America Challenge”

Entry Deadline Mar 31, 2020
Prize(s) There will be five (5) Golden Ticket winners per state.

1st Place - A waived entry fee 2020 Golden Ticket

2nd Second through 5th Place of each State - A qualification-only Golden Ticket to attend and compete at WFC, but an entry fee of $300.00 will be required
General Info This starts as a recipe contest then becomes a cook-off.

The use of sponsored products is a requirement if stated by WFC’s competition chart and process. When stated, such products MUST be used and cannot be replaced by products of a competitive nature. If required, an appropriate amount of sponsored product must be incorporated into the dish. Lack of properly infusing a sponsored ingredient, when required, could result in point deductions.

Golden Tickets for qualifying and no-cost entries for champions, can NOT be transferred to another person. If a winner of a cost-free Golden Ticket chooses not to participate, the no-cost entry is forfeited and/or the Golden Ticket will be transferred by WFC officials only to a runner up (reserve grand, or second place) of the qualifying event, if applicable.

2020 WFC “Taste of America Challenge”
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