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2020 My Colavita Meal Challenge

Entry Deadline Oct 31, 2020
Prize(s) Grand Prize - Once a winner is chosen, we’ll recreate the winning recipe on Colavita Cooking LIVE on our Instagram and Facebook channels. We’ll then upload the episode to YouTube and post your recipe on the Colavita recipes site to live forever!

The winner will also receive a luxury Colavita gift basket jam packed with Colavita goodies and cooking essentials.
Phone 732-404-8300
General Info The My Colavita Meal Challenge is simple. We’re asking you to come up with a six-ingredient recipe that includes these three ingredients:

- Diced, crushed or strained tomatoes (bonus points if by Colavita)
- Colavita Pasta (of any variety)
- Colavita Olive Oil (any flavor, blend or regional variety)

From there you can decide what other three ingredients you’ll need to make your Colavita meal into a fantastic dish that families will love. Please note that water, salt and peppers are freebies and will not be counted as one of the six ingredients.

How to Enter:
Submit your recipe along with a photo of the dish and a brief description of your inspiration in the below form. Contestants have until October 31st to enter. Then we’ll select the top three entries for our social media followers to vote on and determine the winner.
How to Enter Online Entry
Rules & Regs Rules & Regs
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