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2020 Melbourne International Spirits Competition

Entry Deadline Oct 17, 2020
Entry Fee(s) Per Entry Fee - $175.00 (October 4 thru October 11) Australian Dollars

Per Entry Fee - $200.00 (October 12thru October 17) Australian Dollars
Prize(s) AWARDS:
- The Melbourne International Spirits Competition medals will be awarded on a merit basis by a majority vote. The judges are instructed to grant no awards or medals when, in their opinion, the spirits are not ones they would import, distribute, buy or sell in their businesses based on product and price category. Judges are asked to evaluate the spirits in silence until all panel members have finished their evaluation and then open a discussion to reach a consensus. Judge votes are recorded by a MISC staff moderator. If there is a significant difference among the judges’ votes, panelists are encouraged to reach a consensus and, if needed, seek counsel from the Head Judge Adam Levy.

- Award levels are Double Gold, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.
- Double Gold: Phenomenal Product (Must Be Unanimous Decision by Panelists)
- Gold: Buyers “Love” It
- Silver: Buyers “Like” It
- Bronze: Buyers would purchase it

- Double Gold award winners will be re-tasted by all panelists to establish which brands may be eligible to receive a ‘Best of Category’ endorsement in its pricing category
Competition Date(s) Oct 17,2020 12:00am - Oct 18,2020 11:59pm
Phone 61 386521989
Location RAVC Club
501 Bourke Street
Melbourne 3000
General Info All commercially-produced spirits from anywhere in the world are eligible to enter.

Each submission must include two (2) 700/750ml bottles of product, or three (3) 350/500ml bottles of product.

The judging will be conducted by panels of a minimum of four qualified trade buyers. Our trade-only judging panelists work with spirits and their customers on a daily basis. They are a mix of restauranteurs, sommeliers, retail spirits buyers, distributors and importers. We try to assemble each judging panel with a mix of different disciplines so multiple viewpoints will be considered in the evaluation of the spirits.
Shipping SHIP TO:
Liquor Logistics Pty Ltd.
C/O Melbourne International Spirits Competition
Unit 1, 365 Plummer Street
Port Melbourne, Victoria 3207
Tel 61 386521989 / Fax 61 386521989

- Please register online or by email before shipping your products.
- Please feel free to contact us directly if you are a large organization shipping 20 spirits.
- The deadline for receipt of entry is TBD. All submissions must be in the warehouse by TBD to be judged by the full panel.
- If your shipment is delayed due to customs or other unforeseen events, please contact us at
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