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2019 Honey Beer Competition

Entry Deadline Aug 7, 2019
Entry Fee(s) Registration for the competition is free!
Prize(s) All winners will receive a physical medal and a digital seal for use on packaging and promotional materials.
Competition Date(s) Aug 16,2019 12:00am - Aug 16,2019 11:59pm
Location The Honey Beer Competition will take place in St. Louis, Missouri in August 2019.
General Info The Honey Beer Competition is a BJCP sanctioned competition hosted by the National Honey Board to recognize the best honey beers in the country.

The Honey Beer Competition is open to all active breweries operating within the United States that commercially produce honey beers in the following categories: general ale, general lager,Belgian-style ales, fruit and vegetable beer, stouts and porters, IPAs, braggots, wheat beers, sours, barrel aged, ciders and other. Multiple entries per category will be accepted.

All entries will be judged for the beer and for the packaging.
Shipping SEND TO:
National Honey Board
23 Rose Court
Glen Carbon, IL 62034

All entrants must submit at least three 12oz bottles by Wednesday, August 7, 2019.
How to Enter Online Entry
Rules & Regs Rules & Regs
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