Benefits of Entering Spirits Competitions

If you love alcoholic beverages you may want to enter a few spirits competitions.

Consider the competition itself. Many competitions have strict rules regarding the types of spirits you can enter. Most competitions will require that you submit your spirits well in advance of the judging. Submissions must be served neat and must be kept at an appropriate temperature. Once you chose the spirit you’ll be entering, you’ll need to find a reputable competition to enter.

Spirits Competitions

ADI and IWSC both draw judging panels from around the world, which helps ensure that the competitions reflect the opinion of the public. The judging panels for these competitions are usually composed of a mixture of distillers, retailers, and distributors. Judging panels are also independent of any commercial or brand bias. There’s nothing like winning a gold medal to showcase the talent of a new producer!

Competitions offer recognition and marketing benefits. Many of these competitions give winners good digital media coverage. They promote their spirits on websites, social media, and other digital platforms. Many winners get press coverage and mentions in magazines and newspapers. Overall, entering these competitions can help boost your brand and boost sales. The benefits of participating in these competitions are well worth the extra work and time.

As the popularity of spirits increases, more companies are entering competitions around the world. They want to be able to win the coveted award and bragging rights. By entering a spirits competition you can boost sales quickly and get the attention of consumers. The winners of international competitions often receive distribution and investment from beverage companies. The results of these competitions are widely publicized and influence marketing strategies. This can help you grow your brand and gain a global presence.

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