Basic Understanding of Beer Competitions

Basic Understanding of Beer Competitions

Beer CompetitionsBeer competitions are an excellent way to  learn how to make a better brew. Many brewers develop their recipes from scratch. Others get intimidated by the notion that a beer must be “unique” or “special” to be entered. For each competition, there are guidelines that should be followed.

Obtain correct information. While many beer competitions feature a variety of categories and rules, it’s still essential to obtain a basic understanding of what the judges are looking for and what the base beer style is. A beer competition organizer should be able to help you determine the best way to make your entry.

Once you have a basic understanding of the essentials of beer, you’ll be able to better understand the nuances of how to make a good beer. In addition, it’s important to know the history and background of the beer competition you’re entering. Also, know the rules of the competition so you can make  good choices.

If you’re planning to be in a beer competition, make sure to follow these guidelines: Competitions should be blind, serve beer at the correct temperature, and follow generally accepted descriptions of beer styles. You should also consider whether the beer competition follows general guidelines of beer styles, such as those set forth by the BJCP and the World Beer Cup.

Your beer may win one competition, but if you win twelve, that means your beer has been battle-tested. It’s worth entering as many beer competitions as possible so you can reap the spoils of victory. And if you win a prize, you can even enter that beer in more competitions and win a larger trophy.

Keep in mind, even the best beer won’t win every competition.

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